Practical Activism for Queer Topics

PAQT ist eine wachsende Gruppe von Menschen, die sich mit ihren Erfahrungen empowern möchten, für intersektionale Perspektiven sensibilisieren und das Gelernte weitergeben und für Projekte nutzen, wo möglichst viele Menschen sich willkommen fühlen und alle ernst genommen werden. 

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Felix (PAQ team)

"If rules and boundaries want to force us into templates, we have to unfold all the more, show love, be vulnerable, to show the infinite possibilities in our world."

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Feel-good group for queer people
Implement projects

Demonstrate commitment against discriminatory structures

Actively shape the world around you

PAQT is the activism community that gets things done!

PAQT’s Multiplikator*innentraining für LSBTIQ* Lebenswelten bietet dir 10 aufeinanderfolgende Workshops mit denen du dein Wissen vertiefst und lernst, wie du es weiterverbreiten kannst. Dieses Projekt ist gefördert durch die Stadt Köln.


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The activism group PAQT was founded in Cologne in April 2023 as part of a mentoring and consists of a growing community of creative LGBTQIA+, many of whom meet regularly in Cologne: 

In these meetings we talk about upcoming actions, report on focal points of queer hostility and consider together what we can do about it.

Our activism for a world that accepts everyone equally

If you have experienced discrimination in a group (club, community, work, family, organization), let us know how we can support you.

Your advantages as a member of the PAQT community


Share experiences, for example your coming-out story, and hear how others have dealt with it.

Aktiver Austausch

Read achievements and updates on what's moving PAQT and other queer activism around the world.

Unsere Empfehlung für Dich

Meditatives Bogenschießen (inklusiv, barrierearm)
auf in Köln.

Was Du mit Wissen schaffst

Discover the latest studies on LGBTQIA+ from psychology, sociology, neurology and biology.

Frequently asked questions

The activism consists of an online community that shares progress and motivates each other, as well as a regular face-to-face meeting in Cologne, where we continue our education, meet new members and plan concrete actions.

Write to us about your worries or fears regarding your membership and we will look for a solution together with you confidentially and appreciatively.

No one can acquit themselves of insecurities or excitement, and there is often a fear associated with a new group that they will not fit in or will not be able to connect. Our community therefore attaches great importance to a pleasant welcoming culture, where you don't have to perform, you don't need any previous knowledge of sensitive language or anything else and you can just be yourself. We leave it up to you whether you prefer to just watch at the first meeting or whether you want to get involved loudly.

In addition, each new person is assigned a mentor by the member team, who advises and accompanies the person up to the first project.

No. You are welcome no matter how old you are!

So far, we have primarily addressed 18-28 year olds with our offer. If you are concerned about being the only person outside of this age range and experiencing ageism, write to us. 

Tell us if you can! Our community benefits from participation and shared conviction. If you can also support us online with your expertise (graphic design, social media, knowledge transfer): Welcome to your activist long-distance relationship!

Short answer: YES, we need allies in activism! Activism thrives on the solidarity of society at large, because the anti-queer norm also emerged in society.

Long answer: After we queer people were ashamed of ourselves in childhood due to heteronormative norms, we are convinced that we ourselves are responsible for the fact that there is a good opinion of queer people: Many queer people are particularly strict at school for this reason /Uni and try to make amends for the "disappointment of society". It's like bullying a kid at school and saying afterwards: You have to prove to us why the insults against you are wrong. 

Ultimately, the people who have experienced the emotional hurt are also the ones who have to take action against it, because the actual perpetrators or those who know about it do not assume any responsibility. In short: It is actually not the task of people who have been discriminated against to come to terms with the discrimination in society. They do it because they are suffering. 

When allies engage in activism, it's important that they are aware of their privilege and don't try to be heroes. 

No human is born to fit the norms. All people split or deny parts of themselves that don't conform to gender roles and stereotypical expectations. Working for more diversity as a non-queer person also solves the constraints and templates in which endo-cis-heterosexual people are stuck. Diversity means more development, freedom, creativity and opportunities for queer AND non-queer people alike.


Yes. We protect ourselves legally. Discrimination, on the other hand, is prohibited by the constitution and the General Equal Treatment Act. Unfortunately, this is punished far too little.

Feel free to contact us with your request. We are not a counseling center, but we can refer you to professional, queer-sensitive and, if necessary, legal bodies and make you offers on how you can act and deal with it.

Our actions focus on queer people. At the same time, we show solidarity with further struggles against power asymmetries and exclusionary normative ideas! These include: climate justice, feminism (FLINTA*), effective altruism, animal welfare, anti-racism, anti-fascism, inclusion and accessibility, refugee aid, anti-capitalism, decolonization, BLM and human rights.

We've all had experiences of activism, whether it's discussing a grade in school, refusing to clean up the room as a kid, or standing up for ourselves when we came out. The PAQT thrives on the fact that we are open to learning new things and ready to give something ourselves. It doesn't matter whether we take part in every CSD every year or experience queer community for the very first time. Everyone who feels the impulse that now is the time to change something is welcome at PAQT!

Possibility 1: Visibility helps! The easiest way to support queer activism is to follow us on social media and share exciting posts.

Option 2: Financial donations. For queer painting campaigns, flyers, queer literature, education stands at festivals, we spend money that we have been paying out of our own pockets (because we are very convinced of our work). In the future we will have to rely on generous people for this. As a registered association, we can issue donation receipts and invite you to watch our work and meetings live.

For donations please send an email. Soon we will also set up a donation link.

Option 3: Become an activist with PAQT. Learn how you can make a difference yourself and how motivating it is to be the change you wish for in the cis-heteronormative society, get to know other queer activists and plan projects with them. For this purpose there is a meeting once a month, open to all people who want to be part of PAQT.

I don't want to change ME, I want to change society.

This page is almost at the end, but for you this is just the beginning.