Reflection on knowledge helps us to link new perspectives with our own experiences and to better understand them. New perspectives and descriptions of our reality (constructions) help us to clarify our experience and trigger self-exploration and self-reflection.


Emotional insights and internalized beliefs often only develop/dissolve through experience, which is why education cannot replace therapy. Discrimination is a serious form of psychosocial abuse and should therefore be dealt with in a safe setting.

! trigger warning !

Trigger warnings are important because certain stimuli (words, images, etc.) can trigger memories of bad experiences as well as flashbacks. Explanation: A flashback is the re-experiencing of a traumatic event in which unpleasant feelings come up again and physical conditions such as pain can occur again.

The following articles provide examples of such triggers – how Bullying, stress and experiences of discrimination.
In some people, these topics can trigger negative reactions. Please be careful if this is the case for you.




What can and does activism achieve? Who is responsible for changing the world?

Socialization, ideas, privileges, needs, recognition of suffering

What does visibility do? Am I vicariously queer? Does PAQT represent the community?

Individuality, public, connectedness, variety of perspectives, imperfection

How does social exclusion arise? What does structural mean? Why does this affect everyone?

Stereotypes, power structures, belonging, lack of education, no neutrality

What is discrimination? How does it work and what are the consequences?

discrimination, normativity, intersectionality, minority stress model, 

How do I deal with exclusion and rejection? What can I do? What do I need?

Help, advice, legal, psychological, points of contact, emotions welcome

If you are interested in getting involved and making our team more colorful, please contact us! We know that we cannot be an all-encompassing safer space. At the same time, we hope to create a space where everyone can feel comfortable by dealing with discrimination and raising awareness among our members.

Felicia Ewert

"Science that identifies itself as 'apolitical', but at the same time considers and analyzes social phenomena, such as the category of gender and its construction, is much, but certainly not apolitical. Science bears responsibility. When science is instrumentalized, to By continuing to oppress marginalized people, she has lost her freedom and must be held accountable."